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Massage Therapy

Medical & Spa Massage

Mission Statement

Our mission is for each of our clients and patients to leave every session with a happier and healthier mind and body.  To enable you to reach your expectations and your optimum in health; to aide you in your journey of learning a healthier way of life. Personalizing the therapy for the health needs of each client and patient.  We pride ourselves in giving the best quality care possible. 

Why Massage?

Massage Therapy provides relief to people from all walks of life; the weekend or competitive athlete, over stressed individuals struggling to keep the pace in today's society.  The older and younger population, the immobile or bedridden, trauma such as; mental or physical.  Everyone benefits from massage; as it increases flexibility and circulation.

Medical versus Therapeutic Massage

Here at The Health Alley our therapists have extensive education and training.  Your therapist will find the therapy that fits your needs.  All of our therapists are versatile they can move from one modality to another giving you the care you need. 

Regardless if you come to The Health Alley for an occasional massage, a special occasion,  chronic pain, an injury, prenatal, pediatrics, infant massage or for one of our invaluable workshops.  Your therapist will give you the therapy you need with the quality of care you deserve.

We Accept Medical Insurance

The Health Alley Therapists are providers for Medical Insurance.  As a provider we can treat you for either medical or therapeutic massage.  Most insurance companies cover or negotiate a number of massage therapy sessions to well maintenance.  Many insurance companies provide coverage for preventative care.  We can help you find out if this applies to you and your insurance coverage.